Unleashing the Potential of Octagonal Water Tumbling Grinding and Polishing Machine May 17, 2023
Unleashing the Potential of Jintaijin Polish's Octagonal Water Tumbling Grinding and Polishing Machine

Jintaijin Polish introduces the Octagonal Water Tumbling Grinding and Polishing Machine, a groundbreaking piece of industrial equipment specifically designed to cater to the surface treatment needs of all plastic products. This innovative machine, through its smart design and technologically advanced features, provides an optimized solution for grinding and polishing tasks.

Intelligent Features and Applications

  1. Smart Operation: This machine from Jintaijin Polish comes equipped with a fully automated PLC control system, significantly improving productivity while reducing operational costs. It offers the flexibility to store up to 12 distinct grinding plans, with the freedom to select various functions such as grinding time, mode, method, water circulation, and speed.
  2. Durable Lining: The machine boasts a lining made of imported German PU rubber. This granular elastic coating not only increases friction but also ensures the protection of the products being processed.
  3. Octagonal Drum Structure: The machine features an innovative drum design using an olive-shaped structure, effectively eliminating grinding blind spots, a common issue in standard grinding machines.
  4. Versatile Use: Jintaijin Polish's machine stands out with its versatility, capable of handling all types of plastic products. It significantly improves the adhesion of paint in subsequent spraying processes, providing a superior finish.
  5. Operating the Machine: Operating this machine involves using a water grinding medium and adding an appropriate amount of water and grinding additive. The selection of the grinding medium and additive, as well as the grinding time setting, should be product-specific.

Technical Specifications

Jintaijin Polish offers two models: the OBD-BJ160B and the OBD-BJ400B. The OBD-BJ160B has a 160L capacity, 80L carrying capacity, and measures 1100*1500*1700 mm. It features a 1.1 KW motor, weighs 450 KG, and offers a speed range of 0-50 with a 550*600*800 mm barrel size.

The OBD-BJ400B, on the other hand, has a 400L capacity, 200L carrying capacity, and measures 1300*1800*1800 mm. It has a 2.2 KW motor, weighs 800 KG, and also offers a speed range of 0-50 with a larger 750*810*1200 mm barrel size.

Free Sample Polishing Service

At Jintaijin Polish, we understand the importance of practical demonstrations. That's why we're offering a free sample polishing service for potential customers to witness the superior performance of our Octagonal Water Tumbling Grinding and Polishing Machine.

Experience the revolution in grinding and polishing with Jintaijin Polish's Octagonal Water Tumbling Grinding and Polishing Machine, and explore how it can transform your industrial processes today.


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